1. chicken wire everywhere. (at thinktank)

  2. birthday bb.

  3. happy belated birthday to my favorite seamonkey.

  4. It’s coming! It’s coming! #NOLF2 (at La Cocina Restaurant & Cantina)

  5. Thank you, Internet.

  6. The majestic Yeti in action.

  7. hot dogs!

  8. Bring Your Own Beamer Tucson 2 in full effect! Come down, 189 E Toole !

  9. it’s good to be home. (at Thinktank)

  10. Best layover ever. (at Denver International Airport)

  11. #ZBehl (at Mana Contemporary)

  12. I’ve died and gone to art heaven. #ChaneyTrotter (at Governors Island Art Fair)

  13. my Maine squeezes. (at Lincoln Park)

  14. #islandlife (at Peaks Island, Maine)

  15. We found Bigfoot. (at International Cryptozoology Museum)