1. #TCPS officially has an instagram! Follow us - @tcpsarizona !! (at The Loft Cinema)

  2. Tonight I weirdly stroked the palm of the bass player for !!! then awkwardly danced with the singer. #merchgirlproblems (at Hotel Congress)

  3. Weirdest/best place for a show. #guardcrabs (at Miss Saigon Downtown - MSDT)

  4. PAPERWORK COMPLETED. (at Tanline Studio)

  5. hat confidence.

  6. self portrait.

  7. 💕👯👯💕 (at Salvation Mountain)

  8. Yuma knows how to get us off the interstate.

  9. It’s been a really great day.

  10. Annnnnd, we’re off!

  11. best crew. #badboysradgirlsclub

  12. post summer night bike ride magic.

  13. TCPS is on it’s way! #schlappiproxyclause (at Tanline Studio)

  14. The hooligan constitution. #badboysradgirlsclub

  15. witch practice.